In 2014, Founder and CEO of MotivateMe the Movement, Ja’maal Eveillard, began using the hashtag ‘#MotivateMe’ after being doubted and underestimated by a few of his companions. The hashtag was directed to motivate and encourage individuals to pursue their desired goals no matter what the world told them. As a student athlete, Ja’maal continued using MotivateMe for titles when creating workout videos to influence viewers on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. In 2016, Ja’maal felt called to do more than just use MotivateMe as a hashtag and so he began a faith led movement, inspired by God. 

In 2016, Ja’maal teamed up with a handful of close friends to put together MotivateMe’s first outreach trip called “Road 2 Relief”.  During “Road 2 Relief” the team was able to fundraise $100.00 (including their own funds) which allowed them to visit a list of major cities throughout Florida and Atlanta, GA. The overall mission for “Road 2 Relief” was to assist communities, feed the homeless and donate items such as non-perishables, clothing, and books to the less fortunate. After their first successful mission, the team then decided to make ‘Road 2 Relief’ an annual outreach mission and soon established MotivateMe The Movement as a official nonprofit organization in 2017. 

MotivateMe The Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS.